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Helpful Tips to Avoid Home Plumbing Disasters This Year

How to Prepare Your Plumbing for Cold Weather This Year

When winter is coming, people should ensure that they are taking the right precautions to keep their plumbing safe for the winter. Everyone has heard of the stories of people’s pipes freezing and breaking, so no one wants that to be them this winter. Luckily, this post has all the necessary tips people should follow.

  1. Shut Off Outdoor Faucets

All outdoor faucets should be shut off. However, before shutting them off, every person should remember to drain them of any water left inside. If the pipe is left alone when winter comes, then the water inside can still freeze and cause the pipe to crack.

  • Install Frost-Free Sill Cocks

The right product to help drain can keep every pipe clean and healthy. Overall, the right frost-free sill cock will allow pipes to drain out any water inside when properly installed. This is an excellent way for people to protect their pipes without much effort.

  • Disconnect Hoses

If a hose is left outside with water inside, it will freeze. When people still have their hoses attached to the faucet, the ice can begin to back into the facet from the hose. This can cause serious problems because the ice can go inside the house. That is why all the hoses should be disconnected from the faucets and put away for the winter.

  • Cover Hose Bibs

When covers are insulated, it will help slow any heat loss from a pipe. This is an inexpensive way for people to protect their pipes and home without putting in a lot of work.

  • Heat Cables

Some pipes are more vulnerable than others. If they are, people can buy heat cables that are perfect for keeping their pipes from freezing. These cables can sense when the pipe needs some extra added heat. They will turn on and off, so the pipes are safe.

  • Seal Around Rim Joints

Before winter hits, every person should inspect their home for any holes or cracks. This will help keep the house insulated and warm, so the pipes do not freeze. However, when people are sealing up these areas, they should ensure that they are not insulating the pips from the heat. If they do that, they can end up having severe problems.

  • Turn Off the Water

Turning off the water is a good way to protect any home and pipes if there is no one in the house. Even if the pipes were to freeze and crack, this would cause far less damage than if people left the water running the entire time. Yes, that means even the icemaker should be shut off.


Winter is coming, which is why people should be prepared for it. When pipes, faucets, and anything plumbing-related freezes, it can cause significant problems. Emergency plumbing services can be expensive and the potential for property damage and structural issues can quickly follow. However, when people take the right steps to stop it from happening, they won’t need to pay to help them be replaced. It’s just better to keep the plumbing system happy during the winter months.